Link Prospector Now Provides Domain Authority on Demand

You want it? You got it! The Link Prospector now provides domain authority on demand for all of your qualification needs. Here’s how it works… 1) Run a crawl just as you normally do (or return to previous crawls…) 2) Go to your results page and click the (ADD SEOMOZ DATA) button.      … [Read More]


A Networking Recipe for the Micro Business using Link Prospector

(This is a guest post by Jesse Walker of Inbound Bistro.) If you run a small business, and I’m talking itsy-bitsy small, then you have all kinds of challenges marketing online that other businesses do not.  If your revenue is less than $100,000 USD per year then your marketing budget is probably less than $1000… [Read More]


The Ultimate Guide to Phone-Based Outreach for Link Building

By: Stephanie St. Martin, Citation Labs Contributor Still doing mail merges to over a thousand contacts for links? Emailing webmasters with the blind hope that they’ll email you back? Think this is how you’ll build links in 2013? Think again. In a world where our inboxes fill up faster than a Justin Bieber concert (yea,… [Read More]


How to Use the Link Prospector for Multilingual Prospecting

We get a small but steady trickle of inquiries about using the link prospector in languages other than English. The answer, in short, is YES, absolutely. BUT you will have to use the tool a bit differently… And thanks to Oban Multilingual SEO we’ll be making it even easier as they’re working with us on… [Read More]


The Link Prospector Help and FAQ Page

For now, the Link Prospector’s Help and FAQ page will live here on the blog. We’ll migrate eventually to a more suitable spot :) Your Campaigns Your campaigns are folders that store your prospects. You can name them after your clients for example or specific initiatives you’re working on. Grouping your prospects for a client… [Read More]


Contact Finding + Link Outreach: Link Prospector Mastery

Congrats, Link Prospector – you’ve come a long way in learning how to use the link prospector tool. You’ve selected your link building tactic, discovered productive research phrases, dialed in your parameters to a razor focus and qualified your list down to 100 or 1000 of the best-suited prospects. Now, at last, it’s time for… [Read More]


Exporting and Qualifying Your Link Prospects: Link Prospector Mastery

Congratulations link prospector – you’re moving right along! By now you’ve selected your tactic, identified some productive prospecting phrases, and dialed in your parameters. My hope is that you remembered to hit the big blue “Submit” button at the bottom of the Find Prospects page :) If so you will have prospects in about 10-20… [Read More]


Setting the Advanced Targeting Parameters for Useful Prospects: Link Prospector Mastery

Once you’ve selected your report type and found some productive research phrases, it’s time to “dial in” your prospects with the Link Prospector’s Advanced Targeting Parameters. Setting the parameters can help reduce your time spent qualifying your results by “weeding out” or narrowing the non-prospects before you even download your results.


Finding Highly Productive Research Phrases: Link Prospector Mastery

The Link Prospector takes your research phrases and combines them with tactic-specific footprints. This is what we use to find prospects for you. Your research phrases determine how useful and relevant your prospects will be. What’s tricky about research phrases is that what works for one tactic may not work for another. Productive research phrases… [Read More]


Choose Your Link Building Tactic: Link Prospecting Mastery

This is part of a series on using the Link Prospector. After creating a new campaign for your account (campaigns are essentially “folders” for organizing your link prospects) it’s time to click “Find Prospects” and pick a report type. The report types in the Link Prospector are roughly organized around tactics. Here are a list… [Read More]