Think your business is too boring for link building?

Think your link building opportunities are maxed out?

Think you’ve squeezed every ounce of content out of your writers?

Think again after you watch this webinar.

In just over an hour (ish) Eric Ward & Garrett French brainstormed link-building, content creation, PR opportunities and business growth ideas for ten businesses, submitted by our newsletter readers. We randomly selected our choices from 101 respondents – from the online jewelry sales company missing out on potential government-level links to the wine sales site with their biggest assets (their personalities) buried behind the product.

See how even companies that describe their product as “very boring” have great content waiting to be found, and hopefully, you’ll gain an idea or two for your business.

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Here are the companies we selected for the speed consultations and their (self-described) purpose: Industrial Xray Fluorescence equipment, B2B for various industries with a new focus on metals market (alloy id). Uber for Lawn mowing Beer labels, wedding invitations, custom photo cards, canning labels We are a summer golf camp for kids from all over the US as well as 30 other countries. Families register for sessions (1-8 weeks). ski, snowboard equipment. Accessories related such as clothing, helmets, goggles etc silver jewelry & on demand jewelry SaaS (cloud software) to help manage grant and scholarship processes. Precision punch tools (very boring) wine clubs and gift baskets Restaurant, food, beverage & wedding venue

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