Link Building Agency

We’re An Untraditional Link-Building Agency…


Citation Labs builds creative, fun campaigns – attracting new customers for our clients with genuine, passion-led projects.

We go beyond just getting links. We make a difference. Drive awareness. Reach undiscovered customer niches. All centered around mission-based campaigns designed to do something good and new and interesting for your target market.

We brainstorm unique market approaches for every new client we take on. You won’t be squeezed into a pre-existing mold; Garrett and the team will develop a new mold to fit your business’s distinct customers, goals and needs.

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Our Enterprise Link-Building Agency Approaches:

Mission-Based Campaign Creation

Creating something to be excited and passionate about has become our foremost undertaking at Citation Labs. We’re “on a mission” with every new project we start.

A mission charges you (and your team) up. A mission creates something new and unique in your space – and it often requires support, buy-in and participation from others. And a mission creates a genuine purpose, a justification for an email’s sudden existence in someone’s inbox.

Our team will:

  • Work with you to develop an outreach mission that everyone feels excited to support.
  • Research the vertical(s) in your mission’s neighborhood and gather data for unique, link-worth content in that area.
  • Develop and enact an outreach strategy for the mission and its related content.

Linkable Asset Content Development Projects

Our capabilities go beyond great ideas. We also make assets needed to turn those ideas into real products. We can build you 50+ authority, white hat links per month. 

  • Garrett French leads the link prospecting for every project, ensuring that our research and outreach align with each client’s mission.
  • Our research team curates content for unique sites and databases that can be highly valuable to a market, including high-quality guest posts, infographics, products/services for review, edu-grade content, and widgets.
  • We have in-house web development capabilities and copywriters, turning your content into professionally-designed and well-written landing pages and websites.

Local Link Building

local sign

Your target customer isn’t just a “who”; they’re in a “where” too. If you’re looking to target specific locales, the Citation Labs Local Team can develop and implement an actionable plan to reach those markets.

We know that each community is unique, and our team works to build your business’s links with the personality of your desired community in mind.

  • We’ll find that local Little League team or Girl Scout troop that needs sponsors.
  • We’ll connect your business with community leaders and influencers in target ZIP codes.
  • We’ll generate and build a network of community links that give your business a home in that ZIP code, even without a physical store.

PR for Links and Brand Building

We have a professional PR team who will coordinate press outreach on behalf of our clients’ brand and existing content or for Citation Labs-created mission-based campaigns.

  • We handle all outreach and story placements.
  • We generate a story per month (sign-up requires a minimum 6 months and requires a high level of client participation).
  • We start with a client interview to determine the best fit for this service; we’re very selective about PR offerings and only work with you if there’s a definite angle.
  • We’ve Gotten Clients Featured in: The New York Times, BBC, The Washington Post, Mashable, Financial Times.

Broken Link Building

Using the power of our in-house (and publicly available) Broken Link Finder, our team will locate broken pages and domains within your company mission’s target verticals. We’ll create high-quality content and perform outreach on your behalf to secure solid backlinks.

Other Services

We also offer access to our Link Prospector & Broken Link Finder and client training – if you hire us for a campaign, you can also hire us to teach your team how to create and run in-house prospecting projects.

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