Mission-Based Marketing

Citation Labs is a link building agency on a mission to create valuable content online, and we want to grow your content efforts into a team-wide passion-based project. We’ll help you develop cite-worthy (and quality site-worthy) content for established online audiences.

There are no constants in online marketing.

Garrett French & the Citation Labs team are always ready to experiment*try new things*learn.

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The Elements Of
Citation Labs Link Building Agency Services

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Link Building Agency
PR/Brand Storytelling
Content Development & Outreach
World Language Link Building


We’re An Enterprise
Link Building Agency

We go beyond just getting links.
We create content to make a difference.
We drive awareness among relevant online audiences.
We reach undiscovered customer niches.
We build your brand’s story.

And it’s all centered around mission-based campaigns designed to do something positive*novel*interesting for your target market.

Your brand won’t be squeezed into a pre-existing mold; Garrett French and the Citation Labs team will develop a new formula to fit your business’s distinct customers, goals and needs.

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We Focus On
PR/Brand Storytelling

What was your first job?*Who is your favorite customer?*What are your quirky hobbies?


Your story can earn you links, and we’re here to tell it.

We have a PR team led by 25-year industry veteran Ken McGaffin, who coordinates press outreach on behalf of our clients’ brands or alongside our mission-based campaigns.

We start with a client interview to understand your unique story, and get a full picture of the people behind the brand.

We develop multiple timely angles and evergreen pitches, and we handle all outreach and story placements.

Ken Has Gotten Clients Featured in:

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We Lead In
Content Development & Outreach


Garrett French leads the link prospecting for every project, ensuring that our research and outreach align with each client’s mission.

Our research team curates content for unique sites and databases that can be highly valuable to a market, including:

  • Link-worthy articles and “how-to” guides
  • Unbranded & branded editorial content
  • Microsite strategy + content & web development
  • Local [community] outreach research, strategy & execution
  • Products/services for review
  • Edu-grade linker-valued content
  • Website copy
  • In-funnel brand strategy
  • Blog posts – calendar development & production

We have in-house web development capabilities, content strategists, copywriters, and an outreach team, turning your content into professionally-designed and well-written landing pages and websites.

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Our Services Include
World Language Link Building


Links cross borders, and so do our services. We’re prepared to fill content needs in worldwide markets. Currently, we’re developing campaigns in France, Mexico and for non-English speaking US audiences.

We’ve also partnered with international agencies to develop better non-English outreach capabilities for the Link Prospector.

If you’re based outside the US and looking to experiment with authority content style link-building, we can work together to serve local needs in your language.

Say “Hola*Zdravo*Hallo*Hodi*Olá*ਸਤ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ*Bonjour*Xin chào*您好*Hallå“!

Every Campaign Is Unique

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Garrett French has 15+ years of experience with industry experts, and a team of writers, creators, developers and strategists ready to create a campaign for your brand. Read about our history and our team here.