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Our laboratory includes developing and supporting outreach software. Click on a tool to explore:

  • link-prospectorLink Prospector
  • broken-linkBroken Link Builder
  • co-citationCo-Citation Tool
  • contact-finderContact Finder
  • zipsproutZipSprout

Link Prospector

If a stellar piece of content falls in the forest, and no one sees it, does it still make an impact? Probably not. That’s why we built the Prospector:

Our in-house automatic prospector was designed to help link builders, content marketers and PR professionals find new outreach opportunities, giving their content the relevant amplification it needs to earn links and shares.

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Broken Link Builder

The Internet is an ecosystem. Sometimes organisms die, leaving room for new entities to take their place. In this digital “Circle of Life,” Broken Link Building is the evolution of a given piece of content. When domains and/or URLs 404, Broken Link Builders can serve the ecosystem and their rankings by building an original, quality replacement.

Our Broken Link Builder finds dead pages close to any topic area. It can save your prospecting team hours by finding thousands of opportunities, cutting away the process of finding dead sites and their lists of backlinks.

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Free Co-Citation Tool

Co-citation: When a single web page links to two or more related domains.

The co-citation tool organizes domains or URLs by the number of outbound links to sites relating to your content or website. The philosophy is: pages linking to three or four related sites are much more likely to add a link to our content than pages linking to just one related site. So why not go after those highly linking sites first?

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Click here for our Co-Citation Tool Guide. Learn how to use the tool, read tips and faqs, and dive in to outreach strategy that uses the Co-Citation Tool.

Contact Finder

Save time through automation. Our Contact Finder finds contact information for you, so you can get straight to relationship development.

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There may be a Springfield in every state, but no two are alike. Cities have distinct personalities, and when brands show they are genuinely paying attention to a community’s needs, they’re more likely to receive local treatment.

ZipSprout introduces your brand to the heart of your target Zip.

A Zip Campaign is the focused effort to increase brand awareness and stimulate sales in a targeted zip code by finding and fulfilling unique sponsorship & charitable opportunities that address the unique culture and needs of the area and its communities. Zip Campaigns foster positive brand sentiment and strong customer loyalty in highly-focused target markets.

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