Link Prospector

If a stellar piece of content falls in the forest, and no one sees it, does it still make an impact? Probably not.

That’s why we built the Prospector.

Our in-house automatic prospector was designed to help link builders and content marketers find and organize new outreach opportunities, to give their content the relevant amplification it needs to earn links and shares.

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Our 16 report types include:

Content Development & Outreach Focused

  • Guest Posts – “Quality over quantity” definitely applies here, but it’s great for finding new opportunities in your niche
  • Content Promoters – Find bloggers & writers interested in showing off your content to their audiences

PR Focused

  • Accessible Journalists – Search by topic for news stories with easy-to-access reporters.
  • Resource Linkers – Find news stories that link out to related resources.
  • Audience Input – Search topically for stories in which the editors actively seek audience input.
  • Content Development Focused – Find writers who are likely to cover your story, or repost your infographics and articles.

Outreach Focused

  • Links Pages – Find the resource and links pages where you can add your site.
  • Reviews – Look for people who review products or services in your space.
  • Giveaways – Offer goods and services in exchange for coverage.
  • Donations – Be charitable and earn links through sponsorship opportunities.
  • Directories – Identify quality directories to help you get your site listed quickly.
  • Blogs – Pinpoint the blogs that cover your industry, and are likely to post about your site.
  • Professional Organizations – Locate trades and professional organizations you can join.

Conversation Focused

  • Commenting – Find the posts relevant to your key phrases. Join the conversation, and link to your site.
  • Expert Interviews – Identify domain experts you can interview, or pitch your own expertise.
  • Forums – Add value to the conversation and build brand equity.

Additional Features

ravenlogoRaven Integration – Export your report data into Raven with ease.

How it Works

Choose your report type
Enter your key phrases
Holy Link Opportunities!

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Advanced Tools for Link Building Pros

If you’re already finding links like a boss, the Link Prospector will help you speed up your workflow. Enter your key phrases and we’ll find thousands of results in just a few minutes. Single out your top prospects and easily export them to CSV or Buzzstream.

Take full control of your query parameters
Take full control of your query parameters
Use the keyword combiner tool to build massive query lists fast
Use the keyword combiner tool to build massive query lists fast

Export your results and incorporate them into your existing workflow
Export your results and incorporate them into your existing workflow

Who Else Uses It

(because we all want to be one of the cool kids.)

ericwardGarrett French is one of the smartest people I know. An absolute A-List thought leader. If you’re not using any of Citation Labs tools, I suggest you start immediately, before your competition does.
Eric Ward

DebraMastalerWhen it comes to link building, there are many ways to acquire links. No matter what you do or which vertical you’re in, in order to rank well you need quality pages hosting your links. That’s where using a tool like Link Prospector can help, it will research and analyze a large amount of data before listing potential link partners. It cuts your search time down considerably.
Debra Mastaler

WiepKnol It is one of those tools that’s very good at a single task: finding link targets. Usually, this can be *very* time consuming, so getting a list of 2.000+ prospects for a measly $2 (or even less) sounds like a wonderful deal to me.
Wiep Knol

EricCovinoThe nice thing about this tool is that it’s designed for a specific purpose; link prospecting. It’s not bloated with a bunch of other stuff you may not need and it’s easy to use, yet powerful, because it focus on doing one thing and doing it very well.
Eric Covino

JonCooperThe best link building tools are made by link builders, because they know which phases of the process are a bit tedious. That’s why I think Garrett did such a great job with this.
Jon Cooper

ScottDodgeLooks good, don’t it? IT IS. The tool is simply fantastic when it comes to discovering link opportunities that you never knew you had.
Scott Dodge

EricCovinoThe main benefit of the tool is that it’ll save you countless hours of manually link prospecting.
Eric Siu

JarrodHuntGarrett and his team have done an excellent job with Link Prospector. It’s a much welcomed addition to our arsenal of link building tools.
Jarrod Hunt – CMO/Partner

Get started with the Link Prospector now. Only $5 to take it for a spin!

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