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Thanks for trying out our ZipSprout. Below are some of our most helpful tips, tricks and how-to guides. If you have any questions that aren’t covered in this guide, or feedback – we love feedback! – please send us a support emailHappy link building!

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What is ZipSprout?

There may be a Springfield in every state, but no two are alike. Cities have distinct personalities, and when brands show they are genuinely paying attention to a community’s needs, they’re more likely to receive local treatment.

ZipSprout introduces your brand to the heart of your target Zip.

A Zip Campaign is the focused effort to increase brand awareness and stimulate sales in a targeted zip code by finding and fulfilling unique sponsorship & charitable opportunities that address the unique culture and needs of the area and its communities. Zip Campaigns foster positive brand sentiment and strong customer loyalty in highly-focused target markets.

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