Watch the webinar here, and notes (including footprints for survey-based link prospecting!) are below:

Today Ken McGaffin & Garrett French spoke with James Clark of Adaptainer, a successful shipping container company that hasn’t quite reached its PR potential. Looking at the news coverage Adaptainer has received, we mapped out a PR plan for building highly influential online media links, using The Golden Rules of Link Building:

1) Great content on its own is not enough.

2) It’s people who make great stories.

3) Think like a reporter.

4) Adapt your stories for different markets.

5) Get inspiration from what other people are doing.

We also answered participant questions on how to get your survey stories seen and on how to best approach the media with story ideas.

And we covered 6 new types of archetypical stories to pitch journalists. (Read about the first 6 types here.)

– International Sales

– Overview or Round-up

– Survey Results (they include numbers!)

– Solving a Health Problem

– Feature an Ad Campaign

– Lists

Big thanks to James and all who submitted questions for today’s webinar! Email Garrett ( or Ken ( for more info on Citation Labs PR Services, and, if you were really pumped by the ideas in today’s webinar, fill out our PR for link builders survey here. We’ll be using the results to better serve Citation Labs tool users, clients and followers.

>> Survey Citation Analysis – Footprints for Survey Discovery:
PR folks can get a strong sense of survey use within the news due several common wordings (footprints) that journalists use when mentioning surveys.

Use cases for survey citation analysis:
1) are my competitors using surveys in their marketing efforts?
2) what are the core questions/concerns in my market?
3) what types of survey findings seem to get the most attention in my vertical?

I noticed and shared the following footprints during the webinar:
“a survey by”
“a new report from”

To be clear, one can take the following footprints over to, search them, and get a sense of where and how surveys are used by your esteemed PR and SEO colleagues.

This is Ken McGaffin’s preferred footprint which he has plugged into his google alerts:
“survey says”

If, like me, you’re obsessed with thorough research you could also combine the following indicators, in quotes, along perhaps with an intitle:topic to really dive deep into survey usage within a given vertical:

time modifiers:

survey type modifier:


citation indicators:

further content types to test:

Combine these as you see fit with the keyword combiner of your choice – and be sure to put quotes around them – and search away to uncover the types of content that are getting press citations in your vertical! We will be adding these to the link prospector as well to further aid PR research.


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