Great news, Prospectors! We’re releasing new language prospecting options in the Link Prospector Tool, meaning our customers will soon be able to search for blog partnership opportunities among native speakers of many more European languages. We’re partnering with UK-based communications agency, ICS-digital, to create and implement these new international language report types.

Our first release is “Blogs” reports in Italian. Charlotte Green at ICS-Digital released a post on SEO & Outreach in Italy in conjunction with this debut. This post is a great read for anyone looking to expand link building efforts to the Italian market; Charlotte explains how the structure of Italian blogging networks makes website owners easier to reach, but more complicated to navigate. She also offers tips for “cherry picking” the best outreach opportunities.

To create a Blogs report in Italian, or any of our language options, choose the “Blogs” report type, and click on the “Languages” drop down. This will ensure that the search footprints for your report are in Italian. But, as Charlotte mentions in her post, Italians are very comfortable writing and searching in non-Italian languages, so consider your research phrase selections carefully.

Italian Link Prospecting

And stay tuned for more language report types.

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