The Ultimate Guide to Link Building
by Eric Ward & Garrett French

Learn advanced tips, techniques and processes for efficient and effective link building campaigns. See deep inside Citation Labs’s link building methodology.

Note: this book is for intermediate to advanced marketers!

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Learn how to generate competition-proof links by contributing real, lasting value to your organization and your market. Learn how to help your clients discover their link building assets. Get actionable link building tactics, techniques and tools that Citation Labs learned the hard way.

Learn how to:

  • Speed up your link prospecting and qualification phases
  • Increase SERPs rankings and sales with your campaign design
  • Engage your link prospects to build links without begging
  • Analyze your market to determine what kinds of content will attract the most links
  • Identify your industry’s top publishers and build links through engagement
  • Build the relationships that defend your link graph from competitor duplication efforts


“Essential reading for anyone looking to work for me in the Link Development arena. My own staff included.”

~ Dixon Jones Founder of Receptional, UK-based internet marketing consultants

“Practical. Professional. Probably your last link book bought, ever.”

Ruud Hein, Toronto SEO with Search Engine People

“If you are at all serious about link building, this book is a must have for your library. Designed to be a true link building guide, it provides a step-by-step approach in a unique, organized manner. I just loved the ‘preciprocation’ concept, I think you will too.”

~ Arnie Kuenn, Founder and President of Vertical Measures Link Building Company

“Garrett’s Link Building Book helps marketers think ‘outside the box’ for designing link building campaigns. It explains how search engines perceive links, relevance and site authority. It walks you through how to find links, how to develop linkable assets, and how to measure for effectiveness and reporting. This is a book that could (and probably should) be used by link builders to train companies on how important link building is to overall marketing efforts.”

~ Dana Lookadoo, Founder & SEO Consultant, Yo! Yo! SEO

“Garrett’s link building book’s true brilliance rests in the fact that Garrett’s been able to truly describe the value of a link, in relationship to content, and describes how to build a measurable, repeatable and trackable structure around it. In an industry where linking professionals are armed with shotguns, Garrett has just invented the sniper rifle.”

~ JP Sherman, Co-Founder Set On Stun, Video Game Marketing. Read a mini-review here


“There’s a lofty breadth to the book that means you can quickly learn a lot of what is essential to quality link building campaigns.”

~ Gab Goldenberg, owner of SEO ROI Services | Read the Review

“Why buy links when you can buy the linkbuilding book?”

~ Nichola Stott, owner and co-founder of theMediaFlow | Read the Review

“There’s a ton of great information in this ebook, whether you are looking for a little inspiration about the process itself or if you are in search of concrete tactics and techniques to help you rescue a flagging linking strategy.”

~ Frances Mary Krug, Associate Editor, Search Marketing Standard | Read the Review

“This book should be standard reading material for all Online/Internet Marketing Managers and Directors.”

~ Al Scillitani, Founder 2bSearched & Internet Marketing Consultant | Read the Review

“I really enjoyed reading your book and i’m happy that i discovered you +1 year ago to change my view on linkbuilding and switch it to partnerbuilding.”

~ Dave Lorrez, | Kersvers linkbuilding boek verschenen (Dutch)

This book will give the tools you need and help you develop your own process from when you sign the client to when you get the links.

~ Geir Ellefsen, | Read the Review

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