Local Link Building

The "local web" presents a shallow microcosm of the broader web. Topically speaking, it's an inch deep and a mile wide. Our initially dismal results forced us to retool our strategy design process.

We've since learned how effective and invaluable local link building can be. Small businesses can leverage a huge advantage over competitors with just a few hours per week and a small budget. Read on here for our local link building tips.

Scalable Link Building Ideas for Location Service Pages

Scalable Link Building Ideas for Location Service Pages: Cleaning Services Edition Local sales pages present one of link building’s greatest challenges. Here’s our approach – as always we begin with a deep dive on a URL to understand the target customer, as well as the “decision space” within which purchases occur. Always Start With The ... Read more

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What are your team’s stories? Case study: ClifBar.com [video]

How to uncover great stories among your staff - and use them in your content marketing.

  https://vimeo.com/217999052 Duration: 5:52 minutes – full transcript below. ClifBar.com is a different kind of company… “the kind of place we want to work, that makes the kind of food we’d like to eat, and it strives for a healthier, more sustainable world”. The Idaho company recognizes the value that the team members bring, not only ... Read more

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Local Engagement Guide – UK vs US

A Guest Post by Michael Fielding of Webrevolve

Note: This is a guest post from Michael Fielding, who contacted us after reading the Ultimate Guide to Local Engagement, wondering if the same tactics worked in the UK. Garrett and I told him that we weren’t familiar enough with British culture to say for sure, but that we felt that the spirit of our ... Read more

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Video: The* Local Engagement Webinar

with Garrett French & Megan Hannay

Local engagement is a different take on “B2C” – connecting a brand with community. It’s so much more than PPC or radio ads. Local engagement means branding floats during the Independence Day parade. It means sponsoring an after school program or underwriting a museum exhibit, finding area customer stories for a newspaper journalist or engaging ... Read more

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The Ultimate Guide to Local Engagement Strategies

by Garrett French & Megan Hannay

[Psst! Want more? Watch our webinar on local engagement.] Billboards, radio, television and print publication ads are an essential but ultimately limited method for reaching your local customers. At Citation Labs, we help nation-wide clients establish or expand their presence at the local level – online and off, and we’ve noticed that there are a multitude of ... Read more

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A Networking Recipe for the Micro Business

Finding Key Relationships Using the Link Prospector

As an itsy-bitsy entity you have all sorts of advantages that your behemoth cousins do not. A teensy-weensy effort is infinitely better than no effort at all. With a few hours and few dollars a month you will be able to outshine 90% of your competitors.

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