Outreach Tips

While online data gathering and automation is great, here at Citation Labs we believe that the most effective outreach ultimately always includes real, individual, and reciprocal relationships with human beings. We build relationships to help each other spread our content to the customers who want it.

Here, we talk about strategies for general outreach - for instance, picking up the phone to stand out in a time when email overload abounds. Read on for our outreach tips.

Links to Sales Pages: Total Overhaul for 2021-2022

Earlier this week, Garrett and I presented a 90-minute webinar that showcased a start-to-finish approach to building links to sales pages. Hosted by SEMrush, about 500 people registered and nearly 400 watched the broadcast live on YouTube and Periscope. Thank you to all who took time out of your day to join us, and a ... Read more

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VIDEO: Finding Press and PR Opportunities With The Link Prospector

With Ken McGaffin & Megan Hannay

In this third video of our Link Prospector best practices series, Ken McGaffin and Megan Hannay review how to find topically-relevant journalists and PR opportunities. Megan: So with reporters, we actually have three report types. The first one is probably our most common. It’s accessible reporters. Search for topics, and we’ll help you find reporters who ... Read more

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Video: The* Local Engagement Webinar

with Garrett French & Megan Hannay

Local engagement is a different take on “B2C” – connecting a brand with community. It’s so much more than PPC or radio ads. Local engagement means branding floats during the Independence Day parade. It means sponsoring an after school program or underwriting a museum exhibit, finding area customer stories for a newspaper journalist or engaging ... Read more

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VIDEO: Finding Guest Post Opportunities with the Link Prospector

With Ken McGaffin & Megan Hannay

This video is the first in a series between myself, Ken McGaffin, and Megan Hannay on finding outreach opportunities with the Citation Labs Link Prospector. Megan: We’re just going to go through quickly, in a few minutes, if you’re looking for guest posting opportunities in your niche, how to use the Link Prospector to find ... Read more

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A Networking Recipe for the Micro Business

Finding Key Relationships Using the Link Prospector

As an itsy-bitsy entity you have all sorts of advantages that your behemoth cousins do not. A teensy-weensy effort is infinitely better than no effort at all. With a few hours and few dollars a month you will be able to outshine 90% of your competitors.

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The Ultimate Guide to Phone-Based Outreach for Link Building

Leverage Conversation With an Actual Human Being

In a world where our inboxes fill up faster than a Justin Bieber concert, email has become a less effective form of communication. We get backed up, our inbox becomes clogged and things get lost.

That’s why I’m proposing a radical way of link building: Pick up the phone.

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Contact Finding + Link Outreach

Link Prospector Mastery

Congrats, Link Prospector - you've come a long way in learning how to use the link prospector tool. You've selected your link building tactic, discovered productive research phrases, dialed in your parameters to a razor focus and qualified your list down to 100 or 1000 of the best-suited prospects.

Now, at last, it's time for you to start on the final outreach portion of the process.

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List-Scrape Prospecting for Link Builders

List Scraping In a Nutshell

Link builder, there remain deep wells of link prospect opportunity... Even if you've queried every last prospect from Google and snatched every last link from your competitors' backlink profile. If you can make the right offer and have a ready team for outreach then list-scrape prospecting could add a steady stream of powerful links to your portfolio.

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Broken Link Building: How Napoleon Suarez Gets 8-12% Conversions

An interview with Napoleon Suarez of SEO Company Seer Interactive

Big thanks to Napoleon Suarez of SEO Company Seer Interactive for generously contributing to my education on broken link building... I will be citing both him and expert broken link builder Melanie Nathan in my upcoming webinar: The Content Marketer's Guide to Broken Link Building.

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