Intro to Link Building

Learn about link building from guest posts, guest interviews, webinars and discussions with Garrett French.

Are you brand new to link building? The Ultimate Guide to Link Building, by Garrett French and Eric Ward, is an excellent introduction to link building, building backlinks, understanding domain authority and credibility, and more.

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Links to Sales Pages: Total Overhaul for 2021-2022

Earlier this week, Garrett and I presented a 90-minute webinar that showcased a start-to-finish approach to building links to sales pages. Hosted by SEMrush, about 500 people registered and nearly 400 watched the broadcast live on YouTube and Periscope. Thank you to all who took time out of your day to join us, and a ... Read more

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Outbound Linking Methods for Content Placements

If you’re manufacturing outbound links – particularly via guest placements on third party sites – your work must bear potential scrutiny from Google quality contractors… not to mention your peer competitors. How you link out – to your own or client properties as well as other supporting resources – matters tremendously. And listen – how ... Read more

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VIDEO: Finding Guest Post Opportunities with the Link Prospector

With Ken McGaffin & Megan Hannay

This video is the first in a series between myself, Ken McGaffin, and Megan Hannay on finding outreach opportunities with the Citation Labs Link Prospector. Megan: We’re just going to go through quickly, in a few minutes, if you’re looking for guest posting opportunities in your niche, how to use the Link Prospector to find ... Read more

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Linkable Content Brainstorming

From SEO Keywords to Proven Content Topics

Linkers go for evergreen, informative, educational content. The process outlined in this post is part of our content generation routine here at Citation Labs. It helps us determine topic areas for that content from a starting list of SEO keywords.

A video discussion with Garrett French, and new resource: the Linkable Content Brainstormer Spreadsheet.

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5 Advanced Guest Post Prospecting Tips for the Link Prospector

A guest post by James Agate, founder of Skyrocket SEO

My team and I are pretty heavy users of the link prospector tool. Combined with a couple of other sources, Link Prospector helps us to find a large number of guest posts consistently every month for our clients.

Today, I'm sharing a few of the little tips and tricks we’ve uncovered after several months of heavy usage of the tool.

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