I have a confession. It’s more than a little embarrassing… Off and on for the last several years I’ve gathered contact info by hand. Yup that’s right, I’d spend hours going site by site to copy/paste contact us form pages and email addresses into a spreadsheet. Usually for batches of 100 or fewer sites. Sometimes more. Ugh.

Obviously this approach turns your brains to mush after about 20 minutes. Even worse, it’s a poor way to spend a clients’ investment in your time!

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So I built the Contact Finder – a tool to save your brain

The Contact Finder liberated me from brain mush. It automates the discovery of contact information. I hope you find it a simple and powerful addition to your promotional tool belt! All you do is add a list of URLs and the tool brings you back emails, contact us forms, contact pages and not-found pages.

Try the Contact Finder and Outbound Link Scraper >>

You can export ONLY emails, ONLY forms and you can even export the “not founds” for your interns or Turks to look at with a human eye. You can also direct the tool to bring back “Write for Us” pages, “Submit” pages, “Advertise” pages and whatever else commonly appears in the anchor text on the pages you add.

So now when you pull all those YSE or OSE backlink ops, add them to the Contact Finder instead of turning your interns into mush-brains :)

…Plus the nifty Outbound Link Scraper

In addition to the Contact Finder we also made a simple little outbound link scraper. You insert links pages, directory pages, or pages containing long lists of sites and the tool scrapes out all the URLs and delivers them in a nice, neat package. Co-citation nerds can view domain counts and URL counts :)

This tool is perfect for finding blog URLs – you know all those top 50-100 blog lists out there? Find ALL of them for your target vertical and extract their outbound links to the blogs. You’ll be able to see which sites are mentioned the most and then you can take your list and add it to the contact finder…

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How To’s

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Video: How to Use the OBL Scraper + Contact Finder for Link Prospecting >>


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3 Ways to Pay

Everyone starts with a bit of free resources for testing. You can pay for one-off blocks of bandwidth OR by monthly subscription (big savings + your resources roll over). We also have a pay-with-a-tweet function for folks who’d rather test it for a bit of a lower price :) I originally wanted to make these free tools, but as the scope grew my developer got concerned about the ease of potential abuse by folks as skilled as he is so we added a small fee.

So. Marketer, I implore you… Save your brain. Use your clients’ investment more effectively. Use automation to blow the lid off your next outreach campaign :)

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