On June 17, Garrett French and Nicholas Chimonas of Page 1 Power joined forces on the SEM Rush stage for a Link Building Panel Discussion.

You can watch the entire panel, or skip around to various commenter questions using our timeline below.

8:03 What is the deal with no-follow links these days?

16:11 Are no-follow links from sites like Wikipedia worth anything?

“If you’re creating content that’s worthy of being linked to by an authority page of Wikipedia… that can withstand the scrutiny of Wikipedia editors, that’s a good thing. You’re creating content of value to an audience.”

20:07 Would you use no-follow if you linked to something like a Reddit post or on social media?

SEO Tip: Act like a regular ‘ol web publisher…

24:10 Is guest posting for link building overrated, or is it still a solid strategy?

Remember kids, “link responsibly.” 

29:22 What is a good ratio to aim for with exact match keywords versus partial match?

34:19 What are your thoughts on “the skyscraper technique”? (Improving other people’s content for links).

42:00 Are there any concerns about linking to content that’s not in the same language as the host domain? Would Google pick up on that?

44:24 Any cool suggestions for securing .gov and .edu links?

But wait… are .gov and .edu links the “holy grail”??

57:47 If you’re starting a brand’s website, how should you initiate a ground-up link building campaign?

1:04:08 Audience member wants info on multiple pages with the same targeted keywords for better SERP results?

1:07:53 Do citations/co-citations really work? Do brand mentions and non-linked mentions affect rankings?

1:15:09 Do you have any strategies for existing brands who need to improve their existing link profiles?

1:23:58 What is the best way to optimize internal links?

1:26:07 In the overall SEO realm, is link building still as big as it once was, or has it been replaced by other factors such as social media, etc?

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