I. What a fall we’re having at Citation Labs…

  1. We announced the addition of our new Director of PR Services, Ken McGaffin, making our link building agency service offerings stronger than ever.
  2. We held our first Webinar: “Agency Hacks for the In-House SEO Team.
  3. And we’re currently planning our 2nd Webinar: “The Great PR Brainstorm” – a FREE workshop in which Ken McGaffin and Garrett French will brainstorm PR campaigns and ideas based on your businesses and questions. (Enter your business here)

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We’re also big fans of learning from our fellow link builders. Below is a round-up of the best link building & SEO posts we’ve read this fall (so far!)

II. Pure Link Building

  1. Traits To Hire In A Link Builder
  2. Link Acquisition & Contextual Relevancy [Part 1] (Highly recommend this one if you’re a fan of Garrett’s “Areas of Great Human Concern” approach to link building content.)
  3. 33 SEO experts share their most effective Link Building strategies
  4. Broken Link Building Bible: The New Testament
  5. The Importance of Initial Research Prior to Link Development
  6. Linkarati’s Link Building Resources
  7. Webinar: Agency Hacks for the In-House Link Building Team (ours)
  8. Big Prospecting with Authority Anchors (ours)
  9. Advanced Guide to eCommerce Link Building by Jon Cooper – a Review
  10. The Future of Link Building
  11. 750 Popular Subreddits, Categorized by Industry and Submission Type
  12. Local Citation Audit Tip: Use the New Sitelinks Search Box
  13. Improving Outreach Response: 5 Human Methods
  14. Case Study: Building Links in the Travel Industry
  15. THE Backlinking Strategy That Works – 2014 and Beyond Edition
  16. Comprehensive Guide to Leveraging Social Media for SEO
  17. Use Verticals to Increase Reach
  18. Monitoring Your Brand – Unlinked Mentions
  19. Guide to Local Link Building Campaigns (ours)
  20. A Simple Broken Link Building Process for New and Intermediate Link Builders

III. Content + Marketing

  1.  Use Content Marketing to Move into New Vertical Markets
  2. How Mission Marketing Can Improve Your SEO (Related – check out Garrett’s post on Mission Based Link Building)
  3. What SEOs Need to Know About Topic Modeling & Semantic Connectivity
  4. Why Google’s New Hummingbird Algorithm is Good News for Serious Content Creators
  5. Amplify Your Content Strategy with Influencer Marketing
  6. You’ve Won! An Interview on Running Competitions
  7. Mission Based Marketing for Brand Visibility (ours)
  8. 122 Data Sources for Your Next Great Piece of Content
  9. 43 Tools for Modern Marketers
  10. Generating better content ideas (a bit older, but great ideas in here!)
  11. How To Do a Content Audit – Step-by-Step
  12. 13 Experts on How To Promote Content Before Hitting Publish
  13. 28 Expert Bloggers Reveal Their #1 Content Marketing Technique
  14. 4 Tools (And 1 E-Book) I’m Loving For Content Creation And Link Development
  15. Six examples of interesting content from ‘boring’ businesses
  16. The Minimum Viable Content Marketing Strategy

IV. That Pesky Penguin

  1. Google Confirms Penguin 3.0 Update, Here’s The Reaction So Far
  2. Penguin 3.0: What Got Hurt, What Didn’t, and 3 Things You Need to Know to Remain Relevant 
  3. How Big Was Penguin 3.0?
  4. Google Penguin Penalties: Rants, Rage and Recovery


  1. More than Keywords: 7 Concepts of Advanced On-Page SEO 
  2. Back to Fundamentals: 6 Untapped Keyword Sources that Will Boost Organic Traffic
  3. 10 Mistakes of a Decade of SEO Practice I Wish I Hadn’t Made
  4. Social Media 101 – How to save yourself from shitty SEO
  5. The Only Only Constant in SEO is Change
  6. Everything You Need to Know About SEO, You Can Learn on Twitter (Part 1)
  7. Log File Analysis: The Ultimate Guide

VI. Grab Bag of Posts We Can’t Categorize, But Couldn’t Leave Out

  1. How Google May Select Their Data Sources Based Upon Keywords
  2. Postmortem of a Venture-backed Startup
  3. Building Authority & Setting Expectations
  4. Cleaning Up Campaigns with the HTML5 History API – Free WordPress Plugin
  5. Three Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting an Agency
  6. The 10 Second Exercise That Could Save You Hours of Writing Time


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