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Better Keywords, Better Links

The Prospecting Keyword Trifecta

Whenever a new tool is released, the first thing that comes into many SEOs’ minds is how can it help me get links? Certainly, the much anticipated release of Moz’s keyword tool was one of them, as finding good prospecting keywords is often essential for finding link building opportunities in tools like the Link Prospector or Broken Link ... Read more...

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Citation Labs Process and Tools for Large Scale Broken Link Building

Find & Analyze Thousands of Resources Quickly

The process we outline is not elegant, but it does help you cover a lot of ground - you can find and analyze thousands of resources and root out the dead pages and sites quite quickly. I've been building 40+ links a month with this method for one of my clients, and selling BLB prospecting as a service to others. As I've said before, link rot is your friend.

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15 Questions on Broken Link Building

An interview with Nick LeRoy, the Minneapolis SEO

Nick LeRoy, the Minneapolis SEO, adds to the broken link building interview series that began with Melanie Nathan and moved next to Napoleon Suarez. I'm conducting these interviews to add to my knowledge base for my August 25th webinar: The Content Marketer’s Guide to Broken Link Building.

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53 Broken Link Building Resources

A Round-Up

I'm currently at work on a sort of "multi-tool" for large scale broken link building. Obviously I'm learning by doing, but reading definitely adds to my education that culminated in the launch of the Broken Link Building tool!

Here are broken link building tools, articles, interviews, forum posts, videos and link rot information that you may find useful in your efforts as well

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