I’m currently at work on a sort of “multi-tool” for large scale broken link building. Obviously I’m learning by doing, but reading definitely adds to my education that culminated in the launch of the Broken Link Building tool! If you are a broken link builder you should definitely go check it out :)

Here are broken link building tools, articles, interviews, forum posts, videos and link rot information that you may find useful in your efforts as well. As I find and create new resources I’ll add them. If you know of resources I missed please let me know.

13 Tools (+reviews) for Broken Link Building

    1. The Broken Link Finder (see review here)
    2. Open Site Explorer (partially “automates” finding competitor 404 pages)
    3. Check My Links Chrome Plugin – browser-based 404 finder (apparently removed, not by author…) Also it’s Available Here
    4. Check My Links Chrome Extension – A Link Builder’s Dream (review) (new 2/27/12)
    5. Screaming Frog – 404 finder
    6. the Broken Link Building Tool – automated BLB prospecting
    7. Xenu Link Sleuth (find broken links, page by page)
    8. Wayback Machine (archive.org for discovering what used to be there)
    9. Google Result Bookmarklet
    10. Boomerang – outreach
    11. Creating and Managing Your Link Campaign
    12. Dead URL – Suggests Alternative URLs from Same Domain
    13. Domain Hunter Plus (new 2/27/12)

5 Broken Link Building Expert Interviews

  1. Broken Link Building Tips: An Interview with Melanie Nathan
  2. Broken Link Building: How Napoleon Suarez Gets 8-12% Conversions
  3. Interview With Link Building Extraordinaire Melanie Nathan
  4. 15 Questions with Nick LeRoy on Broken Link Building
  5. Creative Broken Link Building Tips with Jon Cooper

1 Notable Forum Discussion

  1. Busted links as reason for link request

23 Broken Link Building Process Guides

  1. Broken Link Building in 2015
  2. The Broken Link Building Bible
  3. How to Use the Broken Link Building Strategy to Get Links
  4. The Reciprocity Link Building Method
  5. Broken Link Building: Feast On Your Competitors This Thanksgiving
  6. Fixing the Web’s Lost Content: An 8 Step Guide for Link Builders
  7. Need Links? Make Up for Your Competitor’s Shortcomings
  8. Easy Link Building with Your Competitors’ 404 Errors
  9. Broken Link Building In Action: REAL Email Examples Inside!
  10. Reciprocity link building – step by step
  11. Competitor Research – Focusing on Companies, Keywords, and Broken Links
  12. Getting Links Using the Reciprocity Method
  13. Link Building Tip: Discover Broken Links & Request Those Links
  14. Link Building Tip #1 – Finding Broken Links
  15. 4 Prospecting Approaches for Broken Link Builders
  16. The Content Marketer’s Guide to Broken Link Building (PPT)
  17. Broken Link Building Guide: From Noob to Novice (new 2/27/12)
  18. A Tactical Guide to Broken Link Building (new 2/27/12)
  19. Broken link building with Raven’s Link Manager and local directories (new 2/27/12)
  20. Broken Link Building – A Case Study (new 2/27/12)
  21. 5 Creative Broken Link Building Strategies (new 2/27/12)
  23. VTNS – The Ultimate Guide to Broken Link Building

1 Video

  1. Link Building using old competitor sites & easy content development for SEO

9 Link Rot Resources

  1. “Link Rot” and Legal Resources on the Web: A 2011 Analysis by the Chesapeake Digital Preservation Group
  2. Fighting Linkrot
  3. “Sic transit gloria telae: towards an understanding of the Web’s decay”
  4. Cool URIs don’t change
  5. URLs: Uniform Resource Locators or Unreliable Resource Locators
  6. Web Citation Availability: Analysis and Implications for Scholarship
  7. The Life Span of a Specific Topic on the Web
  8. Digital libraries and World Wide Web sites and page persistence.
  9. Link Rot at Wikipedia

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