Is the phone the most underused tool in link building? Yes, says Garrett French, founder of Citation Labs. In this podcast he takes us under the hood at his agency to show how the phone is an essential tool in all the link building they do. And he also explains how you can persuade, perhaps, a reluctant team to really give the phone a go.


2 thoughts on “Is the phone the most underused tool in link building?”

  1. Excellent podcast gentleman. It can be a terrifying experience for some people facing failure via telephone as opposed to email. But Garret hit the nail on the head regarding having pivots to fall back on. If you ever tried to sell burglar alarms to a B2C list doing these types of phone calls is a straight breeze.

  2. Thanks Matt – oh that experience of selling burglar alarms or anything else by phone is great training for making calls like this.


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