Our guide to landing page link building was one of our biggest publication hits of the year… and it’s also a topic I love to talk, write and strategize about as you can see in the article itself.

This is the page where the webinar will be watchable.

URL for copy/paste sharing if you do that sort of thing: https://youtu.be/1rqglPKI6FI

If you have questions or learnings you’d like to share you can chat them during the webinar – alternately send them to me (Garrett@CitationLabs.com) in an email with this subject line: Sales Page Link Building Webinar Q/A. Or at least Webinar Q/A… throw me a bone in the subject line please. You’re a link builder, right?

Here’s a bit of a brief on who should attend:

  • Inhouse SEOs and Link Builders at Fortune 50 companies (who end up just deciding to hire Citation Labs because that brain on Garrett, that capacity for execution, wow!).
  • Agencies who don’t want to white label us and want to at least know how to pitch the project.
  • Inhouse SEOs and Link Builders who want to keep their jobs and not get their work outsourced to us – don’t worry, your bosses probably won’t watch this so your job is actually safe.
  • All you lonewolf link builders who probably already have better ways of building these links – you can watch and feel self satisfied that you’re ahead of our curve!

Again, mark your calendars for December 19th at 1230 pm EST! Or just join our newsletter (2 places to sign up on home page) and we’ll remind you repeatedly plus send out a copy of the recording after the webinar in case you miss it. And provide a TLDW overview of the webinar, which may not be super different from the article to be honest. So really the draw here is if you don’t like to read and/or you have questions for me. So get those questions in folks!

I’m looking forward to it! And it’s probable that my 3 sons will be in the basement with me too and you may hear them barge into my office trying to hide from each other in an epic hide and seek match. It’s honestly spectacular.

If you’re worried about missing it, just keep this page open until the webinar starts – it will play below:

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