Link Builders, Content Marketers, SEOs, and All Others –

The Citation Labs + Whitespark Link Prospector has developed with the times, from a link building research tool to an engine that includes a journalist and blogger database.

And bigger things are coming.

We’re working on some of the features you’ve requested, such as report duplication and automation, more intuitive Exclusions, and better filtered results.

We’ve also responded to growing demand by updating the servers for bigger, badder and faster reports.

But, as Citation Labs CEO Garrett French says:

Garrett French


“With great changes come great financial responsibility.”


Luckily, Garrett also says:


“Let’s reward our long-time customers.”


So we’re announcing today: prices will increase for NEW subscribers to the Link Prospector after July 31.

But we’re grandfathering pre-July 31 customers into the old pricing model.

Let’s break it down:

  • If you’re already a Link Prospector subscriber, nothing will change except that you’ll get some fancy new features in a couple of months. Congrats, you’re a grandfather.
  • If you aren’t subscribed, or if you’re thinking of switching plans, and you subscribe before July 31, you will also be grandfathered into the old pricing system and will NOT see a price increase. AND you’ll get the fancy new features too.

Click here to sign up!

Not quite sure what the Link Prospector does? Find out in 2 minutes:

Here’s our pricing list as it stands (before July 31): 
  • Consultant: $27/month ($20/month savings before July 31)
  • Agency: $47/month ($50/month savings before July 31)
  • Enterprise: $97/month (this level won’t even exist after July 31st!)
  • Industrial: $347/month ($150/month savings before July 31)

Email with any questions or Link Prospector feedback. We love hearing your thoughts and your requested features for the tool.  We’re so excited to share our updates with you.Here’s the link again to sign up for the Link Prospector. Check out our Link Prospector Tool Guide and content creation series for tips & tricks and best practices you’ll be itching to try out.

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