What does a story on marital intimacy have to do with a travel website? How can an interior designer get publicity through helping the homeless?

In this webinar, Ken McGaffin and Garrett French take on PR for Link Builders, discussing the types of stories that capture journalists’ and readers’ attention. Ken lists ways that any company, even a business in an over-saturated industry, can stand out and place unique press pieces.

Continuing from Ken McGaffin’s recent post on six types of business stories to pitch press, this Webinar covers examples from recent news of businesses that created powerful news stories (and many links) through smart and savvy PR.

Important pullouts:

  • Plan your monthly PR calendar a year ahead.
  • It’s okay if you know ZERO journalists. You can still get good coverage (Ken says so!).
  • Give each story a succinct, powerful “blurb,” and don’t bury your blurb underneath all the other fluff.
  • Sex sells (as long as you have something interesting to say about it).

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