We had way too much fun live brainstorming with Eric Ward last year, so this holiday season, we did it again. And this time we invited site usability expert (and Citation Labs friend), Shari Thurow.

We gathered site suggestions from webinar participants before the session and chose four to analyze off-the-cuff during the webinar:

At 5:55 – http://www.ohioquotes.com : A lead-gen site with decent structure, but lacking in overall content communication and a lack of solid link-worthy material.

At 25:53 – http://www.grossarltal.info/en/holidays.html : A travel-booking site with a beautiful design, but whose menus are difficult to navigate when you just want a hotel room.

At 42:21 – http://yourlocalkids.com : An events and family fun ideas site with a stellar authenticity factor, but that’s a little distracting when it comes to navigation and task-completion.

At 59:41 http://www.bowhunterssuperstore.com : An e-commerce site well-focused toward an audience, but lacking easy-to-understand page structure and link-worthy digital assets.

This webinar is for you if:

  1. You want some great, simple tips on improving site navigation.
  2. You have a site that needs a link-worthy content strategy, and you’re not sure where to begin.
  3. You want to hear three industry experts off-the-cuff brainstorm in front of a live audience.


And be sure to sign up for the “lecture” portion of our webinar week, Thursday, December 17 at 12pm ET. Shari, Garrett and Eric will return to deliver their expertise slide-deck style, all wrapped up with a bow on top :).

PS – Here is the link to Jakob Nielson’s book that Shari mentioned in the webinar.

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