It’s not a secret that we’ve been focused on local engagement for the past few months. But to make it official, here’s the news:

Citation Labs now has a sister agency – ZipSprout – focused on finding local engagement opportunities for national brands.

ZipSprout finds opportunities with local nonprofits, events and associations, not with national billboard or television brands that divide reach by region. We find options outside of the typical local marketing mold.

Our ideal client is a national and regional company who wants to expand their brand’s reach in key local markets.

So if you’re looking for a different way to engage with potential customers; if you want to reach people where they live, ZipSprout can help you.

We’re at the baseball game.

We can get you tickets to the nonprofit’s gala.

We’re in touch with local influencers.

We can share your brand on local websites and social media.

Check out our recent webinar on local engagement marketing to find out more about how we work:

ZipSprout charges per opportunity found, and we create campaigns based on your brand’s marketing goals. If you’re interested in an introductory conversation, contact us.

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