Purchase Decision Support: a Guide to Applied EEAT in Money Page Link Building

Your search visitor is not in a funnel or a purchase journey, at least not from their perspective. If they’ve arrived on your money page (from organic search or not…) it’s because they have a problem they’re in the midst of solving… And most importantly for you to understand: they visit your page as a ... Read more

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AI-Assisted Link Campaign Design for Inventory Management Software

Here’s a guide to applying ChatGPT in the development of a link campaign for this inventory management software page from Xero. In this guide we’ll use ChatGPT to brainstorm: We then use the ChatGPT outputs to determine: We use these roles, key concerns and our reachability metrics to guide our creation of Citable Elements – ... Read more

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Scalable Link Building Ideas for Location Service Pages

Scalable Link Building Ideas for Location Service Pages: Cleaning Services Edition Local sales pages present one of link building’s greatest challenges. Here’s our approach – as always we begin with a deep dive on a URL to understand the target customer, as well as the “decision space” within which purchases occur. Always Start With The ... Read more

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How to Use ChatGPT for Link Building Campaign Brainstorming

Link building campaigns, especially those created for sales page links, require a special focus on audience and context. This differs significantly from digital PR or content promotion campaigns in that the context MUST include the sales offering itself.  To effectively close link gaps of your sales pages and drive your rankings we propose that link ... Read more

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How to Apply Your “Unique Expertise” in Link Building (Ecommerce Edition)

The pressures of ChatGPT have Google scrambling for a SERPs reboot. That is, a fundamental revisioning of how to answer their billions upon billions of daily queries. Part of Google’s response comes in the form of what they’re calling “unique expertise,” which they’ll be increasingly intent upon floating up in the SERPs. These are bits ... Read more

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3 🚩🚩🚩s When Naively Following Authority Links

I’m back with a doozy of a critique of another claim that a small number of ‘high-authority’ links moves mountains. We see so MANY posts about ‘high authority’ link-building having an out-sized impact, with outlandish claims and no data to back them up, so we’ve decided to call ’em when we see ’em. PLEASE NOTE: ... Read more

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Top 10 Most-Productive Links Page Prospecting Queries

Towards the Quantification of Query Productivity

When we prospect for links and resource pages – the classic target for the white-hat style link begging tactic – we often wondered which advanced queries are most-likely to return to us the pages we’re after. Here are the 10 most-productive queries in case you have links-page prospecting to go and do right now. Read ... Read more

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Upcoming Webinar: Building Links to Sales Pages on 12/19 1230pm EST

Landing Pages Need Links Too

Our guide to landing page link building was one of our biggest publication hits of the year… and it’s also a topic I love to talk, write and strategize about as you can see in the article itself. This is the page where the webinar will be watchable. URL for copy/paste sharing if you do ... Read more

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Prospecting for Blogs Using Auto-Complete Suggestions

Finding Unique and Untapped Audience Facets and Topics

(NOTE: This article walks through a prospecting approach that includes mass-scraping auto-complete suggestions using a tool that we have not made public. It’s useful for prospectors even if you don’t have the tool, but just wanted to warn you before hand.) Also, here’s a webinar on the same topic: OK so let’s say you want ... Read more

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Towards Market Mutualism

Building Links to Your Current and Future Allies

In 2010 I wrote on the concept of “preciprocation,” which I lifted straight from non-profit efforts I observed at or around that time. TLDR: Do superficial favors in hopes of generating a reciprocal gesture (a link) from a publisher. Nothing wrong with link building gimmicks in my book, but I’d like us to consider thinking ... Read more

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Building Links to Sales Pages

a Guide to Citation-Worthy Sales Funnel Elements

As we’ve grown in capacity (currently at 135 FT employees) and pitched Earned Placement services (often called guest posts) for a little over two years we’ve come to recognize a massive knowledge gap at most companies, from small to large. Their sales pages, whether they’re selling products or services, lack citability. In other words there’s ... Read more

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Citation Justification:

Outbound Linking Methods for Content Placements

If you’re manufacturing outbound links – particularly via guest placements on third party sites – your work must bear potential scrutiny from Google quality contractors… not to mention your peer competitors. How you link out – to your own or client properties as well as other supporting resources – matters tremendously. And listen – how ... Read more

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