Link building techniques, tactics, theories and practices dominate the minds of content creators in our industry… in less than three weeks I logged over 160 link building how-to resources (here and here). While link building techniques are important for marketers to follow, I find that the nuts and bolts of link building campaign design and execution – especially at the agency level – gets short shrift.

To start some dialogue I recently invited agency-side link builders to share how they design link building campaigns, manage clients, their favorite tools and how they design and price their services. I hope you find Mr. Peter Attia’s answers useful!

Petter Attia, Search Marketer

Q: If you were advising a new agency on developing a link building offering, what questions would you ask them? What advice would you give them?

How they currently get links and how effective they believe it is. If they’re using a method that is very low quality, because it’s cheap and effective, something needs to change. Cheap methods are only effective for a short amount of time.

Would they use those methods for their own properties? If they wouldn’t use their own methods on their own properties, then why charge someone else for something you would never pay for?

Use a method that you’re happy and proud to show to your clients. If a client asking you for a sudden mid month report, makes you anxious and worried, you’re doing something wrong.

Q: How do you learn/find/discover new link building techniques?
A: A whooole lot of reading, testing, and failing. If you keep using the same method, because you’re afraid to try something new, you will do just that… not learn anything new. You should always be testing new ideas and thoughts. The worst position to be in is to see that your techniques are no longer working.. and not having any other method to use instead.

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