3 weeks have blown by since I announced the launch of Citation Labs with a roundup… I hope you had enough time to read through all 89 resources in my last edition cause you’ve got 83 more now.

And for @MiguelSalcido I’m opening up comments :) I’d love to hear your top picks from this roundup.


1 Link Prospecting Gold Star

  1. Cutting Through the Clutter: Identifying Patterns to Build Better Queries


3 Brand Journalism + Link Strategy + Content Marketing Resources

  1. Know Your Customer’s Customers (Better Than They Do)
  2. Buy Cycle Link Building: A Content Marketing Guide for Link Strategists
  3. Step-by-Step Templates for Mapping your B2B Content


1 NTOOW (nifty tool of the week)

  1. Google Wonder Wheel Scraper


8 Link Buying Resources

  1. How to compete against link buyers
  2. New York Times Continues Paid Link Outing Stories, Looks At Online Flowers Industry
  3. Trying to Game Google on ‘Mother’s Day Flowers’
  4. Is NYT Link Baiting With Link Outings?
  6. When Link Buying is Not Paid Links
  7. Over Optimization in Backlinks – How to Fix?
  8. 40 Paid Links Resources
  9. Why You Should not Charge for Publishing Guest Post on Your Blog – Ever!


9 Pandejo Thinkery Resources

  1. More guidance on building high-quality sites
  2. 10 things you didn’t know about Panda
  3. Google Panda Update – User Behavior and Other Signals.
  4. Google Panda Update – Google’s Content Guidance and Jim’s Take.
  5. Beyond DCG: User Behavior as a Predictor of a Successful Search
  6. The Google Video Patent
  7. From Garbage To Gourmet: Fixing SEO Content Strategies
  8. Why Content Farms Are Here to Stay
  9. Confessions of a Content Farm Hand


3 Local Citation Building Resources

  1. Small Business Guide to Online Couponing
  2. Google Places Citations: 5 More Tactics to Earn Links for Your Local Business
  3. Whitespark Local Citation Finder Review (video)


3 Tunes for Link Builders

  1. funky, funky “North Carolina” #pandora
  2. “Alu Jon Jonki Jon” by Fela Kuti #pandora
  3. Autechre via @SuperNaut76


21 Link Building Resources

  1. Building Links in a Competitive Space
  2. 50+ Tools to Automate Your Link Building
  3. How to Build Links with Images
  4. Link Diversity – Link Building for Success
  5. Competitor Analysis for Linkbuilding: A Guide for People who Hate Linkbuilding
  6. Link Building Secrets Webinar Replay
  7. SEO Anchor Text Best Practices
  8. Link Build Like Eric Ward In 4 Easy Steps
  9. 6 Traits of a Lazy Link Builder
  10. How To Use Free Alerts For Link Discovery
  11. Why Search Engines Should Use Social Signals as Ranking Factors
  12. Getting big links from big media sites, the fundamentals
  13. Link Building “Bargaining Chips”
  14. Link Building Lessons From Improv Comedy
  15. link confusion – quantity vs. “quality”
  16. Link Building Tips: 10 Quick Ways To Get Quality Links
  17. 3 Link Marketing Strategies for Online Retailers
  18. Results: 20% Of SEOs Actively Exchange Links With Competitors
  19. How to integrate A/B testing into link building efforts
  20. You Are the Ultimate Link Building Tool
  21. Templatized Personalization an Effective Strategy for Link Building


18 Content Marketing/Strategy Resources

  1. Beyond Blog Posts – A Guide to Innovative Content Types
  2. The Content Questionnaire: How to Uncover Key Details for More Effective Content
  3. Blogosphere Trends + Readability Scoring
  4. Suggestions for creating content and a link-building campaign for something boring like a plumbing company?
  5. You Can’t Grow a Blog On Negative Linkbait Alone
  6. Proven Ways To Use Content To Attract Links
  7. How To Create a Data-Driven Content Strategy: ConFab 2011
  8. 20 Ways to Generate ROI from a Corporate Blog
  9. Viral Content Lessons from TheOatmeal.com
  10. How to Create Presentations Like Rand
  11. Content Modeling is more than “fields”
  12. Dawn Wentzell PubCon Austin 2011 Video Interview on Content Creation
  13. Content Strategy for Content Agility
  14. 20 Law Firm Content Ideas
  15. Content First
  16. Expert Content Interview with Bill Flitter
  17. Five Reasons Every Startup Needs a Great Writer
  18. Content Creation Expert Interview with Ann Handley


9 Content Distribution Resources

  1. Distributing Your Content to Increase Your Reach
  2. Aol & Nielsen content sharing study
  3. How To Bake SEO Into Viral-Friendly Blog Posts
  4. Influencers: A How-To Guide
  5. How to Use Blog Commenting to Get Valuable Backlinks and Traffic
  6. Extending the Life of Your Press Release Online
  7. Social media and scalability
  8. Static Marketing: Generating Force Multipliers for Great Content
  9. 7 NEW Tips for Running a Twitter Giveaway


7 New Tools + Tool News Resources

  1. Shared Count
  2. LinkLicious
  3. WordPress SEO Plugin Integrates Linkdex
  4. Did You Know? How to associate links with content
  5. 10 Reasons I Love the Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool
  6. Did You Know? How to keep track of linkbait backlinks
  7. Where Are the SEOs Yachts? / QBot 2.0 Going Live Tonight!


10 SEO Resources

  1. Five More Ways to Leverage Your Keyword List
  2. Architecture Issues Caught Early That Saved Clients
  3. Why all SEOs should learn to program
  4. SEO For The Enterprise: My Interview With Marshall Simmonds
  5. Online and SEO Copywriting – Exclusive Industry Report
  6. 12 Popular Keyword Organization Tips & Tools
  7. SEO Lessons Learned Through Pictures of Matt Cutts
  8. How Concatenation Schemas Can Make Large Site SEO a Small Task
  9. How Google Creates Black Hats
  10. Increasing SEO Complexity Lowers Result Diversity


6 Very Nice, I Like

  1. How to Spend Your Online Marketing Budget
  2. What Should You Do With Your Crappy Little Services Business?
  3. 101 Landing Page Optimization Tips
  4. Improving Reporting Efficiency and Relevance
  5. Strategy Review Reporting for Pros
  6. Infographic: Put Your Instincts to the Test

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