Let’s get this round up kicked off with a bit of news… Check it out over on the Ontolo blog: Congratulations to Garrett French on Starting New Link Building Agency, Citation Labs! Be sure to @me some high-fives on Twitter too: @GarrettFrench ;) You can read more about Citation Labs here, and do check out my training and custom campaign services. I look forward to hearing from you – Garrett@CitationLabs.com.

Now that the housekeeping’s out of the way, here’s your recommended reading list of 89 link building resources. Block out the next week or so ;)

5 Link Prospecting Resources

  1. Link Building Insights Using Your Competitor’s Big News
  2. Improve Your Link Prospecting With Reductive Queries
  4. HOW TO: Use Wildcard Search with Various Google Services
  5. Search Geeks Speak: Link Prospecting and Content Strategy with Garrett French!


7 Signal Shift Resources

  1. Search Ranking Factors in 2011 – What’s Changed?
  2. 40 Google +1 SEO Resources
  3. The Regulators: Exploring the Social Graph
  4. Facebook + Twitter’s Influence on Google’s Search Rankings
  5. Page level link Metrics less important, social signals more important in ranking factors?
  6. Can Likes, Pluses & Tweets Cleanse The Link Graph?
  7. Which Link Metrics Should I Use? Part 2 of 2 – Whiteboard Friday


3 Link Building vs. PR Resources

  1. What Do We Get Out of Online Press Releases?
  2. PR Is Not A White Hat SEO Technique
  3. PR-SEO Mythbusting for Better Link Building


11 Content + Marketing + Panda Resources

  2. Using the Valuable Content Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide for Different Content Types
  3. 7 Ways To Create Content Within Your Organization
  4. Content Marketing 101 – An Interview with Elise Redlin-Cook
  5. Content Curation Grows Up, Original Content Still Key
  6. Random Acts of Content
  7. B2B Webinars: How HubSpot drew 25,000 sign-ups, almost 10,000 attendees, and more than 3,500 new leads
  8. Is Your Content Great, Big or Just Long? Quality vs Size
  9. Google Rolls Out Its Panda Update Internationally And Begins Incorporating Searcher Blocking Data
  10. A Scalable Content Strategy in a Post-Panda World
  11. Post-Panda, Your Original Content is Being Outranked by Scrapers & Partners


4 Link Building Events

  1. Seminar mit Christoph C. Cemper und Saša Ebach – Operatives Linkbuilding – Prospecting, Acquise, Controlling (zweitägig)
  2. SEO Conference in Boston – May 16th/17th 2011
  3. Future of Link Building Begins April 27 at 10:00am PST
  4. Seminar with Christoph C. Cemper: Link Building Experts Workshop


49 Link Building Resources

  1. Wiep’s Link Building This Month (03/2011)
  2. How Professional SEOs Do Link Building
  3. 10 Ethical Ways to Buy Links
  4. Let’s talk about Backlinks: Interview with Dixon Jones
  5. Link Building – Don’t Just Throw Mud Against a Wall (Guest post by @paddymoogan)
  6. Harness Affiliate Links for SEO
  7. What We Learnt From a Pills Link Hacker
  8. How would a non-optimized site outrank a site which has done SEO?
  9. Most SEOs Say There Are Penalty Proof Paid Links
  10. Creating content that gets natural backlinks
  11. Link Building Expert Eric Ward Answers Your Link Building Questions on LinkedIn
  12. Efficacy of Negative-Emotion Link Bait
  13. Are Online Directories an Effective Form of Legal Marketing?
  14. Future Proofing Your Links
  15. How To Scale B2B Link Building Across An Organization
  16. Google Invests in Creating Paid Links?
  17. Link building techniques you may not have got round to yet
  18. Traditional media’s refusal to enter the link economy
  19. Using Educational Linkbait to Get Valuable .edu Links
  20. How to Build Links Without Fancy Tools
  21. How your reports make your link building suck
  22. Google Buys Links with Hidden Anchor Text
  23. Link Building Tactics in 2011: Keeping it Fresh
  25. DIY Guide to Successful Infographic Production by Voltier Creative
  26. How to Build a Link Network – This S**t F*&cking WORKS !!
  27. The Value of NoFollow Links
  28. 7 Pieces of Sound Advice for Link Building Noobs
  29. 3 Link Building Methods that Work
  30. Giving Your Links a Boost with Tiered Link Building
  31. How to Get Natural In-Content and Editorial Links
  32. White Hat SEO: It F@$#ing Works
  33. Dissecting Local SEO Via Competitive Analysis
  34. WordPress Plugins Security Flaw – A Blackhats Dream
  35. SEO Link Analysis Pitfalls – Whiteboard Friday
  36. How to Undermine Your Link Building
  37. Do URL shorteners pass anchor text?
  38. Its not about link placement as much as link discovery
  39. How to plan a successful social media contest
  40. Leveraging Current Events When Link Baiting
  41. Creating Link Content that Sells in 5 Easy Steps
  42. Please Exit The Link Building
  43. White Hat SEO is a Joke
  44. Linkbuilding in Competitive Niches Using Communities & Content
  45. Notorious S.E.O.: The 10 Crack Commandments of Link Building
  46. The Link Builder’s Guide to Tracking, Documentation and Productivity
  47. What if JC Penney Link Buying is Just the American Way?
  48. Give Me Nice Toiletries, Get Nice Link
  49. How Google Might Judge A “Muddy Hill” Link Profile


8 Link Building Tools

  1. Find the PageRank of a website from multiple datacenters
  2. SEO Smart Links é um plugin pago, que se encontra atualmente em sua versão 1.6.1.
  3. Crawler Face-off: Xenu vs. Screaming Frog
  4. Using Tools & APIs To Track Your Social Media Strategy
  5. Linkdex to announce game-changing feature: link “Timeline” shows latest link efforts
  6. Technical SEO: Tools and Approach
  7. SERP Scraping for Fun and Profit
  8. Test Linkbird SEO Tool


2 Link Building in French Resources

  1. Comment réussir sa campagne d’acquisition de liens – Partie 1 : La prospection
  2. “Ce que la Grèce antique peut vous apprendre sur le linkbuilding”


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