Introducing Citation Labs

Welcome, link builders and content marketers! My name is Garrett French and I’d like to introduce you to my agency – Citation Labs. I connect businesses with the niche publishers that influence their target markets. In the process I build brand, trust, buzz, relationships and links that drive targeted, algo-proof referral traffic to your website.

I am available for brand and agency training as well as campaign execution.

Citation Labs Roots

This agency has its deepest roots in my experiences from 2001-2004 when I worked at WebProNews as the chief editor. I saw first hand the dramatic impact that high-utility content can have on an audience – and to the expert authors who contributed that content.

From 2004-2006 I had the opportunity to work directly with Andy Beal as the Manager of Communications at MarketSmart Interactive, which was then the world’s largest search marketing agency. I covered search trends and worked with internal experts to bring their expertise to search marketing publishers – and drive leads – using placed articles and white papers.

Citation Labs and Ontolo

In late 2006 I began consulting on link and brand building with an emphasis on expert content published regularly both onsite and offsite at niche publishers. In 2009 Ben Wills, who hired me initially at MarketSmart, approached me with a strong vision and some promising seeds of code that grew into the Ontolo Link Prospecting Toolset.

Ben and I funded the development of the toolset – and guided its functionality – with link building agency work for Fortune 500s and established brands that required high-touch outreach and engagement with influential niche publishers. To build brand and links for Ontolo I published utility-rich content, interviews and worked with Ben to craft some nifty free tools that became crucial in the day to day work processes for link builders around the world. At this time I also began experimenting more with publisher and expert engagement for building crucial relationships and brand allies – and even provided the conceptual spark for the industry’s first and best local citation prospecting tool.

Citation Labs and You

Let’s work together to turn your brand – or your clients’ brands – into crucial contributors to the niche publishers your markets trust using high-utility content that builds brand, links, search traffic, direct referral traffic and establishes crucial industry relationships.

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