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Link Worthy Content Creation


What makes great content strategy?

‘Content’ is becoming a buzzword. We’re told to create content that shows our expertise and to make sure it’s high quality. But content strategy isn’t that simple.

At Citation Labs, we believe in something different. To stand the test of time, content needs to be educational, accessible and journalistic. We’ve spent 15+ years making quality content for white hat link building. We know what it takes. And we’ve created the guide to doing it right.

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The Ultimate Guide to Link Building
by Eric Ward & Garrett French

Learn advanced tips, techniques and processes for efficient and effective link building campaigns. See deep inside Citation Labs’s link building methodology.

Note: this book is for intermediate to advanced marketers!

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Learn how to generate competition-proof links by contributing real, lasting value to your organization and your market. Learn how to help your clients discover their link building assets. Get actionable link building tactics, techniques and tools that Citation Labs learned the hard way.

Learn how to:

  • Speed up your link prospecting and qualification phases
  • Increase SERPs rankings and sales with your campaign design
  • Engage your link prospects to build links without begging
  • Analyze your market to determine what kinds of content will attract the most links
  • Identify your industry’s top publishers and build links through engagement
  • Build the relationships that defend your link graph from competitor duplication efforts

The Citation Labs Blog

This is where we keep our lab notes, industry analyses, webinars and experiment write-ups. At Citation Labs, our constant is innovation, and this blog is where we share our findings.

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