Welcome to our tech lab! Here’s where you can find the link building tools we made to make your large scale link building life a whole lot easier.

The Broken Link Builder

Check out the first and only tool to discover broken link prospects. Discover dozens now-defunct pages based on your keyword searches. We also provide a list of sites still linking to each page.

Ready to begin? Click here to start broken link building.

Want more info? Check out our Broken Link Builder Tool Guide for a run-through of the tool and links to further broken link building resources.

> The Link Prospector

The Citation Labs Link Prospector was designed to help link builders and content marketers find and organize thousands of new outreach opportunities.

Our thirteen report types will find you the contacts you’re looking for (“blogs,” “forums,” “journalists,” etc.) without muddying your lists with results you don’t want. This tool was built in partnership with Whitespark. Check out some reviews and write-ups in our Link Prospector Tool Guide.

If you’re ready to get started, sign up here.

> Co-Citation Tool (Free!)

The co-citation tool organizes links pages by the number of outbound links to related sites. The philosophy is: pages linking to three or four related sites are much more likely to add a link to our related content than pages linking to just one related site. Click here to download (it’s an exe file, so PC users only at this time.)

Click here to watch our Co-Citation Tool tutorial here & learn more.