Welcome to our tech lab! Here’s where you can find the link building tools we made to make your large scale link building life a whole lot easier.

> The Broken Link Finder

The first and only Broken Link Building tool. This tool discovers broken link prospects based on your keywords. Here are some reviews and use cases:

> The Link Prospector

The Citation Labs Link Prospector built in partnership with Whitespark. Check out some reviews and write ups here:

> Co-Citation Tool (Free!)

The co-citation tool organizes links pages by the number of outbound links to related sites. The philosophy is: pages linking to three or four related sites are much more likely to add a link to our related content than pages linking to just one related site. Click here to download (it’s an exe file, so PC users only at this time.)

Click here to watch our Co-Citation Tool tutorial here & learn more. 

> The Citation Labs “Scraper Suite”

Web-based scraper tools for discerning prospectors.

The Contact Finder >>

You input a list of URLs for which you’d like to gather email addresses. The tool visits each site and hunts for email addresses, contact forms and “contact us” pages. You get back a CSV of contacts. The Contact Finder saves time and precious, precious brain power – watch the walkthrough video or just try it now.

The Outbound Link Scraper >>

You input a list of URLs containing outbound links you’d like to extract. The tool visits each page and extracts only the outbound links. You get back a CSV with domains and URLs. The Outbound Link Scraper makes quick work of extracting URLs from those long and wonderful lists of sites you’d like to contact. And then you can add them right into the Contact Finder! Nice :) watch the walkthrough video or just try it now.

The Bulk Backlink Checker

Input your target domain and a list of pages you want to scrape and check for your link. The output is 1 zip file with 2 CSVs – 1 containing pages that link and 1 with pages that don’t. If it was any simpler it would actually start to get complicated ;) Read more about it here.

The URL Status Checker >>

Input your list of URLs and get a CSV report back on URL status – valid, moved, gone, failed, parked. This tool is HIGHLY useful for folks engaging in broken link building :) Try it now.

the URL Filter Tool >>

Add a list of URLs from your spreadsheet and filter out URLs that have specific text in them. For example, filter out URLs that contain the word “link,” “links,” “resource,” or “resources.” Try it now for free.

Reviews and Use Cases for the Scraper Suite: