10/17 Webinar Video: Agency Hacks for the In-House Link Builder

We held our first Webinar – “Agency Hacks for the In-House Link Building Team” on Friday, October 17. If you missed it, or would like to watch again, the video and Webinar notes are below. And if you’re not already signed up for the Citation Labs email Newsletter, you can sign up here for invites to […]


10/17 Webinar Topic Announced: Agency Hacks for the In-House Link Builder

    We announced our upcoming Webinar in our latest newsletter! If you missed it, click here to RSVP.  You’ve got a small SEO team. Your organization understands the value of building links, but you don’t have the organizational power of a full-on link building agency. From prospecting to content creation to outreach (and then […]


Six Questions with Buzzstream’s Stephanie Beadell on Developing Surveys for Outreach

Getting responses from email outreach can be difficult.  Incorporating research questions to identify meaningful content as well as tune in to new voices can entice people to reply with insight, ideas and new directions.  To achieve this, you must ask the right questions, but crafting the perfect survey can be difficult without adequate preparation. For […]


Link Prospector Now Provides Domain Authority on Demand

You want it? You got it! The Link Prospector now provides domain authority on demand for all of your qualification needs. Here’s how it works… 1) Run a crawl just as you normally do (or return to previous crawls…) 2) Go to your results page and click the (ADD SEOMOZ DATA) button.       […]


A Networking Recipe for the Micro Business using Link Prospector

(This is a guest post by Jesse Walker of Inbound Bistro.) If you run a small business, and I’m talking itsy-bitsy small, then you have all kinds of challenges marketing online that other businesses do not.  If your revenue is less than $100,000 USD per year then your marketing budget is probably less than $1000 […]


How to Use the Link Prospector for Multilingual Prospecting

We get a small but steady trickle of inquiries about using the link prospector in languages other than English. The answer, in short, is YES, absolutely. The Link Prospector now supports searches in some non-English languages, including lkjlkj. If you’re interested in any of those, this guide on our language offerings can help you out. If […]


Citation Labs Process and Tools for Large Scale Broken Link Building

    I designed my “scraper suite” of tools (not the link prospector) as stand alone pieces of a Broken Link Building tool that just launched. What we found was that my process, and the nature of the “dead web” itself, makes it quite difficult to processitize large scale BLB in a “add-URLs-and-click-go” tool. There […]


New Bulk Backlink Checker Tool: Input URLs, Check for Links

In some types of campaigns – value-add commenting and broken link building for example – you know the URL where your link will show up, assuming it gets published. And until today though I’ve always had to go, URL by URL, to see if my links went up. Go register now for the Citation Labs […]


2 New Tools for Outreach-Based Campaigns: Contact Finder + Outbound Link Scraper

I have a confession. It’s more than a little embarrassing… Off and on for the last several years I’ve gathered contact info by hand. Yup that’s right, I’d spend hours going site by site to copy/paste contact us form pages and email addresses into a spreadsheet. Usually for batches of 100 or fewer sites. Sometimes […]


89 New Link Building Resources: the Citation Labs Launch Edition

Let’s get this round up kicked off with a bit of news… Check it out over on the Ontolo blog: Congratulations to Garrett French on Starting New Link Building Agency, Citation Labs! Be sure to @me some high-fives on Twitter too: @GarrettFrench ;) You can read more about Citation Labs here, and do check out […]