Every market comprises a universe of subject matter phrases that, once discovered and cataloged, provide a marketing researcher’s basis for mapping, understanding and engaging that market or market segment with content. These phrases, when combined with the appropriate “stems” and searched in Google, enable a researcher to identify a market vertical’s content needs, its subject matter experts, its publishers and its potential content-promotion targets.

Characteristics of an effective and productive subject matter phrase

  1. it’s narrow enough to exclude irrelevant pages or sites
  2. it’s broad enough to include tangentally relevant pages or sites
  3. it’s used primarily within – and may even describe – your target market/audience
  4. it can be used effectively in conjunction with prospect type stems and reductive operators

Ways you will use your subject matter phrases

  1. finding content promotion opportunities
  2. finding the vertical’s subject matter experts
  3. discovering a vertical’s content needs
  4. identifying the vertical’s publishers
  5. find more subject matter phrases
  6. map out the “universe” of productive subject matter phrases
  7. discover the range of a vertical’s existing content offering to knowledge seekers

Where to find subject matter phrases

  1. may be a root of your ppc/seo keywords
  2. may be common names for practitioners within your vertical
  3. may be commonly used in the names of publications within your vertical
  4. search your subject matter phrases in Google for “related terms”
  5. ask customers, subject matter experts, employees

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