Tips are the distilled, actionable wisdom of subject matter experts. Tips become apparent to the subject matter expert as his general principles encounter reality. For the content marketer, creating a tip inventory of a market’s knowledge provides a deeper understanding of a market’s pains and opens up the following opportunities…

Opportunities You Create With a Tip Inventory

  • Tip and advice “recategorization” or “reengineering” for easier access, increased usability and higher retention
  • A ready starting source for a tip-based content calendar.
  • A consistent way to uncover information gaps and clarification opportunities.
  • A list of subject matter experts who create tips.

Info You Will Need

Your tip inventory will probably live in a spreadsheet – here are some thoughts on columns for that spreadsheet…

11 Tip Inventory Column Suggestions

  1. Tip Target: Who is the intended audience or receiver of this tip? Is it aligned with a persona you can detect, or a skill level, or a specific segment of your market? Tracking this will help you when it comes time to repurpose your tips into more targeted, useful arangements.
  2. Tip Result: What does this tip help someone do better, faster, with less effort, with greater impact, etcetera. Again, this categorization will help you to create new and meaningful tip groupings.
  3. Tip Requirements: Are there any notable or meaningful requirements for the tip-user? This could include objects or skill sets or codes, etcetera.
  4. Original Tip: Here, copy and paste the tip in its original format.
  5. Tip Revision: Here, write the tip itself as clearly and precisely as possible, as if it were a dictionary definition. Omit humanity for now – you can add character back in later!
  6. Source Title: What is the title of your tip source?
  7. Source URL: What is the URL of the tip source?
  8. Source Origin: Who wrote this tip as you first encountered it?
  9. Source Contact: What is the contact information of the author of the tip source?
  10. Tip Occurrence Frequency: How often have you encountered this specific tip in your research?
  11. Tip Occurrence URLs: What are the other URLs where this tip exists?

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