Citation Labs Tool Guides

New to one of our tools? Here are guides to help you set up your first campaign and answer any questions you may have.

Please know that it often takes a few ‘trial runs’ to really get the feel for your first campaign. With these trial runs and our guides combined, we hope to guide you from new tool explorer to power user.

Have a new idea that isn’t listed here?

In the spirit of experimentation, we love to try new ways to wield our tools with customers. Have an idea for a new way to use the Link Prospector or Broken Link Builder? Email us – let’s work together.

Please select your tool of choice:

  • link-prospectorLink Prospector
  • broken-linkBroken Link Builder
  • co-citationCo-Citation Tool
  • contact-finderContact Finder
  • zipsproutZipSprout


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