How to Use the Link Prospector for Multilingual Prospecting

We get a small but steady trickle of inquiries about using the link prospector in languages other than English. The answer, in short, is YES, absolutely.

BUT you will have to use the tool a bit differently… And thanks to Oban Multilingual SEO we’ll be making it even easier as they’re working with us on translating the prospecting queries.

Here’s how to set up a report for non-English prospects.

1) Select the Custom Report Type
The Link Prospector’s pre-built queries only work in English right now. So you’ll have to select Custom, which enables you to input your translated queries. It’s at the very bottom of the menu.

Now you have to select the custom report type:


2) Select Your Target Region
Next you have to select the region in which you’re seeking prospects.

3) Select Depth

I recommend a depth of either 10 or 20. Some marketers prefer to go deeper, but this increases the number of opportunities that come back without increasing their quality.

4) Combine Research Phrases and Footprints
First, click the “keyword combiner Tool” link down by the research phrase input field.

Next, add your research phrases. These are typically 1 or 2 word phrases that will return sites related to your market. They are not usually the keywords you want to rank for, though sometimes they can be. Here’s more about finding good keywords for link prospecting.

Then add your footprints. You will have to translate these yourself, unless you’re prospecting in French or Spanish (contact me for a query spreadsheet). If you don’t know where to start and you’re prospecting in a language other than Spanish or French please contact me as well.

5) Click Submit
You’re just about done and will receive your prospects in 10-20 minutes depending on the number of total queries you submit.

6) Review and Download Your Results

Now it’s time to review your prospects, either within the interface or in a spreadsheet if that’s what you prefer.

I hope this helps with your usage of the link prospector in languages other than English. If you have any questions please let me know via email! And try the link prospector today if you haven’t already!

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