With “Advanced SEO’s 7 Curiously Obvious Rules,” Gab identified and filled a “necessary niche” in the SEO Book space. His work is more accessible and engaging than the (necessary reading) Art of SEO, and narrow enough to make itself a requirement on book shelves containing Aaron Wall’s sprawling (and mandatory) SEOBook. And while his is certainly a book about SEO, and contains fresh, timeless advice, it’s more a book that urges its readers to retool their mindset.

My Notable Highlights

Here are the sections I enjoyed the most, and a few tidbits I pulled from the work.

1) The section on networking for discovering hidden information… This is especially true in SEO these days. Even top SEO bloggers who seem to give EVERYTHING away in their writing still have tidbits they won’t share publicly online. Often they will share this privately. For some reason I’ve never associated this with networking until reading this book.

2) The section on link buying… I flipped right to the link building section, which is actually primarily about link buying. I especially appreciated Gab’s application of ethical reasoning here – he thoroughly and unflinchingly teases out implications of various positions on engaging with link sellers and whether or not to disclose Google’s position on paid links.

3) The book’s structure emphasizes and engrains the core teachings… Each section closes with a visit back to one or more of the 7 core rules of the book. Aspiring authors take special note – this enables Gab to weave together a diverse set of hard SEO advice with the softer, slower-to-learn critical thinking skills…

Who Should Purchase This Book:

  • SEOs who are seasoned but a bit bored
  • SEOs seeking that sudden spark of insight
  • SEOs who genuinely want to reflect on their approach
  • Aspiring SEO book authors seeking sound structural models
  • Link buyers

Here’s a link if you’re interested in checking out the first chapter for free – I recommend you do this at the very least!

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