In some types of campaigns – value-add commenting and broken link building for example – you know the URL where your link will show up, assuming it gets published. And until today though I’ve always had to go, URL by URL, to see if my links went up.

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That’s right – I’d input 20 URLs at a time in a URL opener and ctrl-u then ctrl-f for the client domain. Yeah and sometimes this was for 100s of URLs. Just typing that makes my brain feel lumpy. I knew there were tools for monitoring backlinks, but I didn’t want to monitor to see if they STAY up – these aren’t paid links after all. So I built a bulk backlink checker tool for my fellow link monkeys out there!

How the Bulk Backlink Checker Works

Register for the Citation Labs tools and login. Mouseover the Tools button and click the Backlink Checker link. Pow – you’re in.

Now simply input the domain of the site you’re working on, then your list of URLs you targeted in your campaign. The tool then goes to each URL on the list and reports back on whether or not your link is up, as well the anchor and follow status. NICE.

I’ll run through it again real quick here:

  1. Input your domain.
  2. Input your list of link targets.
  3. Click “Check Backlinks”.
  4. Brain cartwheels – no more manual checking!
  5. Incredibly you’re still reading – go register now!

For now we don’t store results for you – you’ll get your list in a zip file downloaded directly to your computer. It could be prettier, but it couldn’t be much faster ;)

More Tools from Citation Labs

So we’re building out a utility suite of large scale link prospecting tools, piece by piece. We keep them separated so you can define your own process and find your own uses based primarily on the list-scrape opportunities you discover.

So far we’ve built a contact finder and outbound link scraper. You can try these by registering here >>

Our reviewers sure dig our work so far:

Have fun, register now!

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