Meeting Customers Where They Live -> Building Brand And Authority Links Via Qualitative Research

What do your customer groups call themselves? Vegetarians? Victorian novel lovers? Dads? Money savers? Chief executives in the automotive industry? All of the above? Maybe. But I’m going to guess that they don’t call themselves “low hanging fruit” or “recent email subscriber.” Our customers are more than buyer personas; they’re members of communities and online […]


601 Linker-Valued Audiences: Serve Them Well, Earn More Links

Our content creation series has been pretty theory-heavy thus far. Not that there’s anything wrong with that ;). But in an effort to make our ideas more concrete, we developed out a working list of 601 potential linker-valued audiences for your content. A linker-valued audience is just that – an audience of people who are valued, served and […]


Survey Results: Link Builders and SEOs Desire PR Skills

At Citation Labs, we see PR as an essential component of any link building campaign, and we wanted to know if our clients and customers felt the same way. So earlier this year, we surveyed Citation Labs newsletter readers and customers with two questions in mind: How much is PR a factor in your link building efforts? How well qualified do […]


The Linkable Audience Guide: Find Them, Serve Them, Earn More Links

Want to see in-the-moment examples of linkable audience brainstorming? Watch our webinar on this topic below:  In our last post, we explained how to transform your SEO keywords into linkable topic subject areas. (We recommend reading that post before continuing!) Now that you can turn SEO Keywords into linkable topics, we’re concentrating on discovering and defining the […]


VIDEO: Using the Link Prospector to find Media Opportunities

In this video, we’ll go through the process of finding three types of press opportunities with the Link Prospector: 1) Finding accessible reporters 2) Finding press resource linkers 3) Finding opportunities for audience input (transcript is below the video) You don’t need to spend a small fortune on media databases in order to find areporter’s […]


Linkable Content Brainstorming: From SEO Keywords to Proven Content Topics

In our March 17th webinar, we showed live examples of the process outlined in this how-to.  Watch below: Remember, linkers (the classic resource page linkers) go for evergreen, informative, educational content. The process outlined in this post is part of our content generation routine here at Citation Labs. It helps us determine topic areas for that content from […]


Video: How To Approach Broken Link Building in 2015

Broken Link Building: It’s not like the department store; it’s like the flea market. If you go with a list in hand, instead of an open mind, you’re going to miss out on big opportunities, and you may not find what you were looking for. In our February 2015 webinar, Garrett French discusses exactly that: […]


The 1 Question To Ask Before Determining Content Strategy

Who in the heck is going to read this thing, and why do they need it? Until we answer this question, we don’t start writing. Know Whom You’re Writing For And What They WANT Whether we’re prospecting for links pages, bloggers or even broken links to rebuild, it’s important to keep the needs of our […]


6 More Archetypal Stories You Can Use Right Now in Your Online PR

This is a post from our Director of PR Services, Ken McGaffin. You can follow him on Twitter here, and (virtually) meet him in our Webinar on PR Editorial Links. —- Media stories have recognizable patterns that appear time and again in all sorts of outlets. Learn what they are, use them to tell your […]


1/21 Webinar VIDEO: PR Editorial Links & How You Get Them

Watch the webinar here, and notes (including footprints for survey-based link prospecting!) are below: Today Ken McGaffin & Garrett French spoke with James Clark of Adaptainer, a successful shipping container company that hasn’t quite reached its PR potential. Looking at the news coverage Adaptainer has received, we mapped out a PR plan for building highly influential online […]