How Online PR is a Powerful Link Building Tool

This is a post from our new Director of PR Services, Ken McGaffin. You can follow him on Twitter here, and (virtually) meet him in our 11/20 PR Brainstorm Webinar.  Every day businesses of every size get media coverage and valuable editorial links – but many SEOs and link builders don’t quite know how to approach […]


The Guide to Local Link Building Campaigns

Local link building stumped us when we first began. The “local web” presents a shallow microcosm of the broader web. Topically speaking it’s an inch deep and a mile wide. It lacks the prospects required for our standard approach: “topical authority content” in which we intersect a known vertical of linkability (kids health, pet health, […]


Big Prospecting with Authority Anchors: a Process Guide

Though our team has passed the 30 member mark I still hold tight to link and audience prospecting. This is in part because I love the hunt, but also because the relevance of our prospects to our promoted assets massively impacts conversion rate (being on a mission helps too…). That said, I have recently formulated […]


Mission-Based Marketing for Brand Visibility (oh yes, and those link things)

Creating something to be excited and passionate about has become our first and foremost task at Citation Labs. We make sure we’re “on a mission” with every new project. That’s because over the past four years we’ve learned that exciting, passionate outreach brings us brand mentions and new audiences like nothing we’ve done before.


The Ultimate Guide to Phone-Based Outreach for Link Building

By: Stephanie St. Martin, Citation Labs Contributor Still doing mail merges to over a thousand contacts for links? Emailing webmasters with the blind hope that they’ll email you back? Think this is how you’ll build links in 2013? Think again. In a world where our inboxes fill up faster than a Justin Bieber concert (yea, […]


5 Advanced Guest Post Prospecting Tips for the Link Prospector

Guest post by James Agate, founder of Skyrocket SEO, the content-led link building agency and a Link Prospector Power User. My team and I are pretty heavy users of the link prospector tool. Combined with a couple of other sources, Link Prospector helps us to find a large number of guest posts consistently every month […]


List-Scrape Prospecting for Link Builders

Link builder, there remain deep wells of link prospect opportunity… Even if you’ve queried every last prospect from Google and snatched every last link from your competitors’ backlink profile. If you can make the right offer and have a ready team for outreach then list-scrape prospecting could add a steady stream of powerful links to […]


4 Prospecting Approaches for Broken Link Builders

Prospecting for broken link building opportunities typically begins with a “seed set” either of competitor/relevant sites to check for 404s, relevant pages with lists of links and old/niche directory pages. You can also use the new Broken Link Finder tool for industrial-strength broken link prospecting.


5 Key Units of Expertise: On the Classification of Expertise Structures for Content Marketers

Through marketing with tips and tip inventory creation I came to think of tips as the smallest expressible unit of expertise. From a research query perspective, tips are quite easy to extract from a market’s community of practice. But what about larger and more complex units of expertise?


Towards a Methodology for Classifying and Collating Market Research Queries

Market research queries – used thoroughly and with artful sensitivity – can identify a market’s key publishers, key content, key audiences and define the pains and passions that make that market’s participants a cohesive entity. Marketers who develop a methodology for classifying, collating and documenting their market queries facilitate, speed up and create meaningful work […]